PSVita Fat Silicon Case (Rubber/Silicon Material)

Price: Rp.60,000                      
Availability: Ready Stock
Model: Accessories

Perfectly fit for every button and easy to remove
- Durable easy install and remove
- Keeping your PS Vita in style and in good condition.
- Dust resistant and it keeps dust from absorbing on the case for much static charge.
-iProtects you valuable investment against shock and surface damage caused by accidental drops.
- Made with ergonomic design for comfort handle.
- Anti-skid design with grip on both ends.
- There are slots designated for for you to access to AV, DATA, Earphone, and Power jacks.
- Material: Silicon
- Size: 18.5x9x2.5cm
- Color: black,White,pink,blue,light blue,red
- Please send us a note, message or email of the color selection, otherwise we will send a random color

Package Included: 1 x Silicon Case 
Compatible With: Sony PS Vita Fat