USB Converter PS2-PS3 (4 in 1)

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100% Brand New PS2 to PS3 Controller Adapter. Use your PlayStation 2 controllers on the PlayStation 3 console. Cheapest way to recycle existing PS2 controllers. Simply connect PS2 controller to the adapter, then plug the other end of the adapter into an available USB port on the PS3. Note: Does not provide the motion sensing capability featured on PS3's SIXAXIS wireless controller. May not be Compatible With all PS3 games due to Sixaxis function and PS button on PS3 controllers.

  • Transfer PS2 controller, PS2 steering wheel, PS2 dancing mat and PS2 guitar to PS3 and PC
  •  Real vibration feedback function
  • Assign controller to different port
  • Both digital and analog modes are available
  • Easy and convenient to use

    Package include
    1 x PS2 to PS3 (4 in 1) Controller Adapter