PS4 Metal Gear Solid 5 : The Phantom Pain

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Consol: PS 4
Region / Lang:  2 / English
Genre: Adventure
Other: Day One Edition

Unlike previous entries in the Metal Gear saga, The Phantom Pain will focus on massive open-world environments rather than a tightly scripted campaign. Players will be able to explore each one at their own pace, with the time of day, weather and previous actions all affecting the number and placement of enemy soldiers. You'll have to adapt to changing situations, as if you use too many headshots in one mission the enemies could all be wearing helmets in the next, and if you get spotted a call for backup could mean a battalion of tanks or helicopter gunship chasing you down.
You won't be tied to middle eastern environments, as seen in the initial reveal trailer and subsequent gameplay reveals; during the Tokyo Game Show, Kojima showed off a new jungle location and Snake's new female comerade Quiet - a sniper with the ability to turn invisible to the naked eye, as seen in the TGS story trailer further up the page. She's still shrouded in mystery, so we'll have to wait for more details to drop to learn more of her backstory.
Combat and aiming uses a new third person camera that should make lining up those crucial headshots, or fighting your way out of a corner when you get spotted much easier. You'll be able to get around quickly on your horse, which has a few sneaky tricks of its own for (literally) making enemy guards slip up.
You won't be alone on the battlefield, either. The new buddy system lets you bring along an AI-controlled partner that can provide backup, spot enemies or find items that you might otherwise have missed. So far the only confirmed characters are Quiet (seen above) and DD, a wolf pup Snake rescues that grows into a full-size beast able to join you on missions. Named after the Diamond Dogs unit, DD can become your mascot and even wears an eyepatch like Snake. Interestingly, these support characters are entirely optional, and you may not even encounter them at all depending on how you play.
Thankfully the series' trademark humour appears to be alive and well, as seen in the Gamescom reveal trailer that explains a few of Snake's more devious sneaking tactics with a cardboard box. Now, rather than just hiding in the box for cover, you'll be able to pop out of it, gun drawn, to land a surprise tranquilliser shot on an unsuspecting enemy, dive out the side when no-one is watching for a swift exit, or slap a sticker of a saluting soldier or bikini model on the side to distract or lure in guards.
You'll also be able to use the Fulton air recovery system to send captured soldiers back to your base, which comically straps a hot air balloon to any unsuspecting enemies. As your army grows, Mother Base will get larger and you'll be able to enter each mission with more weapons or better intelligence about enemy forces.